Esenkent Mahallesi Yücesoy Sokak No:36 Dudullu Ümraniye/İstanbul

About Us

Taking its first steps in the sector in Istanbul in 1996, it provides services to many corporate companies together with many local and international insurance companies. Meeting Eravcı metal customer requests in a quality and timely manner constitutes the essence of our company's working policy.

Our staff, who are experts in Debris removal services, Restoration services, Industrial cleaning services, Construction repair services, International debris removal services and Salvage services, can easily answer all kinds of customer requests and questions. The primary goal of our company is to protect its position in the sector for many years and to provide continuous benefit to itself and its environment.
Continuing its investments according to the demands of the sector, ERAVCI METAL provides services all over the world, especially in Turkey.

Our Vision - What Are Our Purposes?
Being a pioneer in raising awareness of the importance of recycling throughout the country, meeting customer demands in a quality and timely manner with an environmentalist approach is the basis of our company's working policy.


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